Fore Deli

Smoked Beef and Egg Sandwich

Sandwich with premium bacon, scrambled egg and cheese, the right combination for every occasion

Beef Creamy Mushroom Panini Sandwich

A classic taste of Australian beef patty with a creamy traditional mushroom sauce, cheese, and fresh vegetables

Aren Coconut Croissant Sandwich

Authentic Indonesian taste with a blend of palm sugar and creamy grated coconut



Manuka Americano

Americano with Manuka Honey which is perfect for an energy booster

Caramel Manuka Macchiato

A blend of espresso, milk, Manuka Honey, and caramel sauce that sweetens your day

Tropical Manuka Hibiscus

A blend of Manuka Honey, hibiscus tea, and lemon that provides goodness daily


Indonesian Flavor

Aren Latte

The natural taste of palm sugar blends perfectly with espresso. Fore Coffee’s best selling menu

Pandan Latte

Latte with unique taste and aroma from Fore’s natural Pandan extract

Iced Kue Putu

A blend of savory coconut flavors, Aren, Pandan, with biscuits on top

Gula Merah Latte

Melted brown sugar in Fore Coffee’s signature latte. The original taste of Indonesia



Caramel Praline Macchiato

Latte with Praline and Caramel Sauce with sweet taste and aroma

Double Iced Shaken Latte

Classic blend with 2 shots of espresso, milk, and cream

Hazelnut latte

Latte with a nutty aroma and sensation from Fore’s signature premium Hazelnuts




Fore’s special Chocolate that is creamy and rich in taste with milk

Classic Milo

A classic malted chocolate drink with creamy sauce and creamy milk

Matcha Green Tea

Fore’s special matcha powder is soft and creamy combined with fresh milk



Hibiscus Berry Yakult

The goodness of berries, hibiscus, and Yakult gives freshness all day long

Sunny Citrus Jasmine

A special blend of tropical fruit flavors, Manuka Honey, and Jasmine Tea. Refreshing and flavorful

Triple Peach Americano

The combination of three types of peach and elderflower aroma creates a fresh and harmonious coffee sensation


Ice blended

Caramel Praline Coffee Ice Blended

Ice blended latte with Praline and caramel sauce

Strawberry Ice Blended

Strawberry sweetness meets milk and ice covered with strawberry puree

Matcha Ice Blended

Creamy Matcha Specialty with Fore Coffee blend with fresh milk is the right choice to start your day



Biscuit Chizu

Fresh milk, palm sugar, with Chizu Cream and a sprinkle of biscuits on top

Chizu Macchiato

Blend of milk, roasted caramel syrup, layer with Chizu cream, and espresso on top

Choco Chizu

Fore’s Creamy Choco Coffee with Chizu Cream


Tea by TWG

Breakfast Earl Grey

The classic and legendary Earl Gray tea

Creme Caramel Tea

Special Tea from South Africa with a sweet blend of French spices

Jasmine Queen Tea

Green tea with notes of Jasmine flavor


App Exclusive

Nutty Oat Latte

Espresso from Indonesian specialty coffee beans combined with gluten-free oat milk and a nutty sensation from Hazelnut